How to have an awesome Internship

Internship are really tough to get these days, I know I had to go through many companies to get to Qwest this summer. It is really beneficial to all students wanting to know what work is expected of them out of college. I had great success this summer with my internship because of these few things I did:

1. Communication. I know this is beat too death, but it is essential for an awesome internship. When I say communication I mean actually getting to know the person as a professional and as a person. When I first came into Qwest I made myself accountable to spend time getting to know the people I would be working with immediately. Ask them personal questions then, after I got passed that part I asked them what I would be working on and how they would like reports. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Bosses always what reports catered to way they like it.

2. Be Assertive. As an intern you have to be able to read between the lines. You have to put things together because your boss wants you to figure it out. When you work on projects you are doing it for a purpose. Remember that!! For example I was pulling reports for work codes on employees. I decided to look a little closer and found that Qwest was giving different work codes for employees who did the same job. I brought this up to my boss and now they are in the process of combining those work codes for employees who do the same job. Which is going to save about 20 hours of accounting work every two weeks.

3. Continue to ask for work. Never be content with doing the bare minimum. Whenever I got done with a report, work, or project I didn’t take a break and go on linkedin, facebook, etc. I went to boss and ask “Is there anything else I can help out with?” My boss was really impressed with the ambitious attitude and told me in my review at the end of the summer.

4. 10-30-60 pie chart. This is something I got from a friend and applied to my internship. 10-30-60 are percentage of what you should do while working with a company. 10% is for performance. I know you are like dude your performance should be 60%. Performance is important but if know knows who you are and go on day by day just doing work… you are going to be forgotten about. You should always be doing hardwork all the time. 30% is Image. Image is who you are and what you represent. What I mean by this is what do other people thing of you? If it is good your image is ok. If it is great that your image good. DON’T LET IT BE BAD!!! The last 60% is exposure. This is your ability of becoming visible to multiple people and influence others in a positive way. For instance, during my internship I talk to the president of Nebraska in the corporation and VP of Supply and Chain because I went out of my way to contact them. How I did that? By exposing myself to my bosses boss (who was a VP). In which she gave me the opportunity to contact them.

If you develop these little skills it will take you a long way.


Get over Failure

When I have the chance to start-up a conversation, I do. It is just something about my personality and attitude. I like to get to know people past a hello or good morning or the traditional look at them and smile. Like we all do, but this post is not about that. It is about getting over failure.

While I am conversing I like to know what they fear most about life (I know kinda deep question for a first time). I usually get the answer of failure or not getting a goal. Which is really awesome. I do like that, but it does not matter if you fail or succeed. If you don’t try in the first place. I believe that when someone says that are afraid of failure, they are afraid of this because they don’t try.

Take for example, a friend had the perfect opportunity to start a business with a good friend. But every time I would ask him if he was getting on the bus he said well what if we fail and I get into all this debt. I could not get him to join this small business. Well this business is doing well here in Nebraska and this guy could have made some serious dough. But he was so afraid of failing he couldn’t see the positives of the business plan, etc.

It doesn’t have to be something that big. Think about a speech you have given in the past or an interview you had or whatever the event. What did you say to your friends or whoever you talk to about the event? Man, I hope I don’t screw it up or I hope I don’t suck. I am going to give you a bit of information you might not know.

YOU ARE HUMAN!!! You are going to screw up sometimes! That is apart of being a human motha effing being. If you get that into your head “I hope I don’t suck, I hope I don’t suck.” Guess what you are going to suck. Go out there and try!!! Put it into your head that you are going to go out there and give you best shot. Yeah it will suck and you are going to feel bad if you don’t succeed, but that should not affect you in trying in the first place. Because if you keep the mindset you are going to lose out on a great opportunity.

Keep your head up!! Go out there and do the very best you can. If you screw up, you screw up. Learn from the failure and grow from it. The best people in this world learned from one or more failures. Their lives were not always a success, but once they learned from their failure they went on to achieve great things. Get over your fear of failure.

How do you measure success?

Success is something that gets thrown around all the time. On the internet, 5 ways to become a successful…., 3 ways to be successful, the secret to success, etc. I mean those are all great things, but how do you measure that? Does one person’s “success” really mean it is everyone else’s “success?”

Starting my own blog was a tough decision for me because of the uncertainty. When someone told me that I needed to start a blog to be successful. I always thought, what is successful for me? Is it a “formula” that can drawn up anytime? Is success different for me than you?

The truth is that success is different from person to person. The “formula” is also different from person to person. But there are a couple of attributes that are the same for every successful person. It is not in the goals they set, not the achievements they get, and not the wealth they get from success. The first attribute that is in common for every successful person is how they achieve success.

What do I mean by this? What I mean is that every successful person sets a high goal for themselves and then sets a strategy on surpassing that goal. Then they set a even higher one and go about to achieve. Successful people want to achieve more ang pass more goals they have for themselves. That is what how they achieve success. It is not like they get huge sums of money from it, sometimes they do, but they get some high measure for themselves that equals success.

There is no certain way to achieve those goals. Everyone has different strategies and ways in achieving those goals, but successful people find the right one for themselves to attain the goals. The second is the how they measure success. I know I will have different opinion than some people, but when sets a goal for themselves and achieves it. How is that different than myself?

When someone tells me that they set out to be a professional speaker and own a company and they achieve that goal. Is that much different than me achieving a goal of teaching a high school class because it is what I love to do? I don’t think so because we both set out to achieve a goal and we did. On the outside surface you might think we he/she has more money than you. I would say so what! I found what I love to do and they found what they love to do. We both found success. I am a firm believer that when set a high goal and achieve. Then keep it up by setting more goals and achieving them. That is what success is all about.

Love the Way You Lie

Well I am sure you have heard the song by Eminem feat. Rihanna on the radio, but this is for a different reason than that. But got to love the song, baby.

A couple of weeks ago I did a speech for high school students on making career choices. It was decent I mean there was supposed to be over 60 students, but only 30 showed up for it which was disappointing. That is not what this post is about. It is about a contact that came up to me after the speech to talk to me. They seemed so thrilled at my speech and we talked for a while. Talking about his community service program and I would be what it needs for it. I ask for their card and they said they will go to the car and give it to me after the sessions/workshops. Well I found them after the workshops and he said that he gave them all out. I gave them my information and they said they will write me as very soon.

Well, it has been about a month and I haven’t heard a word from him. I am hurt and pretty upset because this contact is good to start my career in public speaking. Man I still feel pretty bad because this person is a very knowledgable person, potential mentor, and great contact to have in my future. But I guess it is not meant to be.

One my good friends called me today to tell me you got to get over it and move on. He is so right. People are going to disappoint you. People are going to  criticize you (like my girl Kate said in her blog post People are going to say one thing one day and then sing a completely different tune the next. Seem so excited to want to get to know you more and not talk to you ever again. It definitely sucks and will hurt you. Trust me I know. You got to get over it.

To make it easier in the future really soak up the first time you get dissappointed because it won’t hurt some much in the future. Just like a relationship the first one break up is usually going hurt more because your young and you thought you were in love. You feel me? 

In conclusion, it is going to happen. You are a going to be let down from a friend, contact, or business partner. The best thing to do is forgive the person for not contacting you or whatever and move on. It will be hard, but life is tough. Put on your bulletproof vest and keep on going. You got to deal and love they way they lie.

Your career should reflect your Lifestyle

This post is for my man Andy Drish because I have been pondering about what he had in his comment about lifestyle. Lifestyle is a choice just like a career, but the difference your career should work with the lifestyle that you choose. A lifestyle is easy, how you live your life.

What we are missing is a lifestyle. Now how do you find a lifestyle. A lifestyle combines your attitude with the values that you have for oneself. For example, my attitude is that I am a passionate, enthusiastic, motivational, inspirational, and positive person. That is my attitude when it comes to the things I do in my life. I think positively, “I can Effin do this.” I have the ability to motivate and inspire others because I motivate and inpsire myself through my positive attitude. I am passionate and enthusiatic at what I do in my life. When I get a good grade in school I literally jump up in my seat and dance. When I get a bad grade I get down right pissed because of my passion to do well in anything I do.

On my How to Make Career choices blog I said you need to know you work values, but this time you need to know you values as a person. My lastest blog highlighted those. The 3 F’s, 3 D’s, help others more than you help yourself, be the best never let it rest until you do, smart risks lead to great reward, be an extrovert, have a positive attitude, and so on. These are the values I live by and am going to find a career where I can line myself up with it.

Add this one to one to the Making Career Choices because it should be number one. My suggestion to you is to take some time out of the day and find out your lifestyle. It really helps to find out. You can’t really ask anyone else about your lifestyle because it is your lifestyle. I like to again thank Andy for the help. I really appreciate it.

If you blog this should be your first post because your blog reflects your lifstyle.

William’s Ethos

So far in life I have lived by some rules already and they have helped me so far in life. It has really helped get a grasp on my values in life and what I hold dearest to my heart:

  1. The 3 F’s in my life are Faith, Family, and Friends. In that order as well.
  2. The 3 D’s that guide my work and what I do in my life are: Determination, Desire, and Discpline.
  3. Also, good better best never let that shit rest until good becomes better and better becomes the very effin’ best.
  4. Smart risks leads to great reward. If you take the right risks in life you will be rewarded.
  5. Help others more than you will help yourself. When you give more to others, somehow it will return back to you tenfold. Trust me on that! Trust me
  6. Have a sense of humor. Humor goes a long well. When you make people laugh they enjoy being around you.
  7. Another thing that goes a long way are manners. I can’t stress how manners like saying thank you, you are welcome, and being polite can help you in life.
  8. Have a positive attitude. No one wants to work with or for someone with a negative attitude at anything.
  9. Believe in yourself. This is a big one for me because I would doubt myself before I even started anything. That needs to change in order to have a success career in any field or profession.
  10. Be an extrovert. Try to meet and know everyone you can because the six degrees of separation is not myth. It is true!!
  11. Build everyone else around you. Success is not built on what you do, but who you help on the way.

How You Should Make Your Career Choice

This weekend I gave a presentation to high school students on making career choices and when I came up with this presentation I knew I had to blog about it. There are 5 steps that you need to take to make a career choice  in your life. Now these steps start with yourself and then go to external information to fine tune the career for you.

1. The first step you have to do is find out your work values. What do I mean by work values? Well, I mean finding what you value in a work environment that will allow you to grow as a personal and professional. For example, I have to work in a place that has these values: challenging work, a variety of work, achievements (must set goals for employees and achieve those goals), working well with others, helping employees/clients, trust, and last humor. Humor is soooooo underrated. You must find the values that work for you because if you don’t you will never find a work environment for you.

2. Interests. You have to find your interests. Now finding your interests can be easy or tough depending on the person. What do you look at everyday? What do you do everyday because you like/love it? What do you turn to when you read a newspaper, magazine, or go on the internet? For instance, when I open a magazine or newspaper I automatically go to the Finance/Accounting page. If you are not at that point see if you like to read or experience things without reading anything first. Are you interested in hands on activities? Math or Writing?

3. Personality. What is your personality? Is it caring/friendly? Is it punctual? Are you like me, enthusiastic and motivational? Are you respectful, optimistic, open-minded, opinionated? Courageous or determined? Your personality will fit your work values when you get right down to it.

4. Next, is you research about the occupations that will fit your personality and work values. Research first by looking on the internet because it is the fastest way of eliminating occupations than anything else. Also, doing informational interviews with professors, life coaches, professionals in the career, and others.

5. Last is making an action plan and doing the action plan on achieving that goal/career. An action plan is a list of steps and a timeframe for you to get to this goal/career. THIS IS A MUST!! When you do the top 4 and not step 5 you will forget and go on with the career that is frustrating. Write down this goal and the action plan. Read it everyday and tell someone your goal. When you write down your goals you are 80% more likely to get that goal. When you do that and then tell someone your goal you quadruple that!! So write down your career goal and go out and achieve it!