Negative vs Positive Questions

Nowadays people suffer a lot from bad attitudes. The cause of bad attitudes is negative thoughts. Negative thoughts come about because of the driving force of negavtive questions we continue to ask ourselves when we think of our problems. Think about it, when you are face with a problem questions come to your mind saying; why is this happening to me, what is the matter with me, can my day get any worse, etc. There are many more questions we continue to ask ourselves to continue the spiral of negativity.

Let me tell you a secret. Your mind is always working no matter what you do. So, when you ask yourself these negative questions your mind will try to find out the answer to the negative question. Spoiler alert!!! The answer will be negative continuing to bring you down about yourself. For example, have you ask yourself why can’t I be as successful as blah or good looking as blah. When you asked yourself this didn’t the answer come back like because you had bad grades or you didn’t go to whatever school or you don’t have good looking parents or don’t have the body as this person. That is continues to bring disappoint to yourself and kills your self confidence.

We have to start asking the right questions to these problems. When you change the negative question to a positive question you change your thought process. I am not saying to say your question in a positive way. I am saying to change the question entirely. Instead of asking why can’t I get a job, say how can I get a job. See how that changes the viewpoint. The question changed from saying oh poor me into seeking a solution to your problem. Take another example, why am I so lazy and tired at work? Lets change it to how can I get more energized about my work? Wow!! See how that changes the mindset to seeking a solution to your problem.

Lets change the questions we ask ourselves. Lets change our negative viewpoint when we ask questions to positive ones so we seek solutions to them. When we do this for ourselves, we can start helping others at work, at home, and everywhere else.