New Orleans

Wow! I just came back from New Orleans on Thursday morning at like 7am and all I can say about it was Wow! I went with 4 other good friends of mine. They are all as weird and cool as me so it made the trip that much better. I will give you just a little brief overview of it. To start off, the parade went about 5 to 6 miles throughout the city. That is ridiculous because there were numerous bands and floats going through New Orleans throwing beads like crazy. Second there were soooo many people on Bourbon street that it literally took my friends and I an hour to walk about 3 blocks!!! But most of the people there were really cool and we meet some not so cool people as well. Last but certainly not least was just the atmosphere of the place was amazing. Jazz bands were playing everywhere on Bourbon street also the seafood was amazing and sooo good. The trip in total was 5 days long but felt like a lifetime. Great Trip

The reason I wanted to post this was because for every human being you need to take a break and experience life sometimes. These years at Truman has made me really stressed and overworked. Doing homework to 3am then get up for a 8:30am class is not fun. Also, being in a lot of organizations can really take a toll on your mind, body, and soul. With the fact that you experience a lot change in college with your own family, friends, and companions. For example, this winter break I lost my grandmother who was very influential in my life. I really wanted her to see me graduate, but she didn’t have the chance to do that. There are many other aspects of life that I didn’t cover, but all this rapped in 4 years can really affect your entire life view.

So that is why I was soo happy to escape life for couple of days and enjoy myself. I really needed to relax and take a break off. Life can really hit you hard that you become to stressed, overworked, and there is too much on your plate. It is completely human to feel that way. All you need to do is step back from it and take a break for a little bit. Get away from the problem or crisis or whatever it is that is stressing you out that you start to lose yourself. Go out and enjoy yourself for a weekend or a day or however long it takes you to “get your mind right.” Then come back with the fiery passion that you had before the problem. To succeed sometimes means taking a break. It is very hard to go 100% all the time. Sometimes it is cool to just sit around and doing nothing sometimes. (i.e. I did that on Friday) But in all seriousness rest and break is what the body and mind need. So do yourself some service and get some rest when you feel overwhelmed. Trust me you will feel great and ready to go when the time is right!


About William
I am William Bryan IV and I am currently a senior at Truman State University. I am majoring in Accounting and Finance with a minor in Economics. I spent two years at Iowa Western Community College and was a Resident Assistant my freshman year and a Senior Resident Assistant my sophomore. I graduated from Iowa Western with an associate’s degree in May 2008. At Truman, I am involved in Delta Sigma Pi. My strengths are that I am eager to learn, drive to succeed, willingness to help others, and dedication to my education. I would love the opportunity to be able to grow myself professionally and academically.

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