Walk in their Shoes

This is post I decided to do because I had a something happen to me that feel incredibly bad about. I jumped to conclusions about a certain individual and it really nip me in the butt. Sometimes we have to walk in someone elses shoes to really understand what they are going through.

Too many times these days with jump to conclusions about an individual and choose not to understand them. It is really had to get anything done in business, school, etc. when can’t understand someone’s reasoning. When we jump to conclusions we don’t give people a chance to learn and heal from their mistakes.

Let me tell you a story about a little boy. This little boy came up to this farmer and ask to buy one of his puppies. The farmer ask well how much money do you have? The boy answered I have 39 cents, will that do. The farmer counted the money one by one and said yep that will do.

The farmer took the boy to the area where the puppies were and 4 cute puppies ran to the foot of the boy. The boy started to pet all of them. The farmer asked so which one do you want. As soon as the boy was going to decide he saw the five puppy come to his feet. You see he had back leg problems and couldn’t run like the other puppies. The boy said I want that one.

The farmer was suspicious and ask why because that puppy could not run and wouldn’t be fun to play with. At that same time the boy pulled up his jeans and on his feet were steel braces with two special shoes attach to them. The boy said see I don’t run well either this puppy is going to need an owner that understands.

Being a leader is all about understanding one another. We can’t get suck in a mindset that judges people. Most jobs you have to work with others to get tasks done. There is a chance you are going to stuck in a group that one person or multiple people are going to have a bad day. That doesn’t give you the right to jump done their throat. Sometimes you have just take their faults to really understand.

One of my good friends had a boss jump down his throat about something. He told me that he was the only one in the group pulling their weight. He said he was going to confront his boss about it. Well that next day his boss was out of the office and mail came for his boss. He signed the package and opened it. He found out that his wife just filed the papers for a divorce. He told me that night that it changed his whole entire perspective and now he was helping his boss by leading the team while his boss gets everything sorted out.

It is soooo easy to judge each other and to discredit them without ever understanding their side of the story. Criticism takes a hold of us in any environment. We all have the incentive (it seems) to discredit someone in order to advance to a better position. Give them a bit of room! I am not saying that they are right about unleashing at you. Just take time to get to know why they are angry today. Leaders take time to get understand their followers. They are understanding and deal with those people in a way to lift them up.

This world is full of people that need someone that understands. For this week I challenge you to go out there and have a different perspective about certain individuals. If you have an individual at your job or class that you don’t know about and you judge a bit. Get to understand that person and find out his/her story… then try to lead in the right direction. Once you do this you will help this person grow while you grow yourself.


New Orleans

Wow! I just came back from New Orleans on Thursday morning at like 7am and all I can say about it was Wow! I went with 4 other good friends of mine. They are all as weird and cool as me so it made the trip that much better. I will give you just a little brief overview of it. To start off, the parade went about 5 to 6 miles throughout the city. That is ridiculous because there were numerous bands and floats going through New Orleans throwing beads like crazy. Second there were soooo many people on Bourbon street that it literally took my friends and I an hour to walk about 3 blocks!!! But most of the people there were really cool and we meet some not so cool people as well. Last but certainly not least was just the atmosphere of the place was amazing. Jazz bands were playing everywhere on Bourbon street also the seafood was amazing and sooo good. The trip in total was 5 days long but felt like a lifetime. Great Trip

The reason I wanted to post this was because for every human being you need to take a break and experience life sometimes. These years at Truman has made me really stressed and overworked. Doing homework to 3am then get up for a 8:30am class is not fun. Also, being in a lot of organizations can really take a toll on your mind, body, and soul. With the fact that you experience a lot change in college with your own family, friends, and companions. For example, this winter break I lost my grandmother who was very influential in my life. I really wanted her to see me graduate, but she didn’t have the chance to do that. There are many other aspects of life that I didn’t cover, but all this rapped in 4 years can really affect your entire life view.

So that is why I was soo happy to escape life for couple of days and enjoy myself. I really needed to relax and take a break off. Life can really hit you hard that you become to stressed, overworked, and there is too much on your plate. It is completely human to feel that way. All you need to do is step back from it and take a break for a little bit. Get away from the problem or crisis or whatever it is that is stressing you out that you start to lose yourself. Go out and enjoy yourself for a weekend or a day or however long it takes you to “get your mind right.” Then come back with the fiery passion that you had before the problem. To succeed sometimes means taking a break. It is very hard to go 100% all the time. Sometimes it is cool to just sit around and doing nothing sometimes. (i.e. I did that on Friday) But in all seriousness rest and break is what the body and mind need. So do yourself some service and get some rest when you feel overwhelmed. Trust me you will feel great and ready to go when the time is right!