Getting your day under control

During the days at college I get really, really busy because of time management and organizing the importance of different assignments. What I have develop over a series of trial and errors are some steps to getting your day under control. What I call it is a my “getting things done list.”

When you set up your day you MUST make of list of priorities. For example, I set up a list about 7 to 8 tasks/assignments that I must get done during the day. Starting with the assignment or task that is most important and going down to the least important. This helps by telling myself that I must get this assignment done first before I go on to the next item.

The awesome thing about this is it doesn’t have to be an assignment. For example, I use some of the tasks I must get done for shopping, ordering things for school, hanging out with friends, meetings, relaxing, or whatever. Because it is very important to have not only specific assignments done, but to have time for relaxing and hanging out with the people you love.

Second, right next to the task or assignment I put a specific time interval that I want to spend on that specific task. For example, I put a couple of hours of studying right next to investments or other classes. This is the key. When you set up the relative time you want to spend on certain items it holds you accountable for what you do in that time. I remember telling myself that I needed to study for classes and then never get around to it. It was sooooo frustrating and very annoying because I would be cramping for hours for assignments the day before it was due. This has help out tremendously.

The last item I wanted to hit is that you have to WRITE IT DOWN! There have been a lot of studies that have shown that when people write their goals, tasks, and other things not only are likely to remember it but you are more likely to DO IT! It has help me substantially because it keeps me accountable and it makes me feel that I accomplish a lot in my day. I check off all the items that I get done and increase my ego (lol) and my self-esteem.

I hope this helps you get your day under control like it has mine. I have had great amount of success after I have effectively time managed my day and got my priorities in line. If you get these two aspects of your day done every day will be a success.