I eat Challenges for Breakfast

Well, it has been a long time since I have written on my blog, but glad to be back on it again. The topic today of I eat Challenges for Breakfast comes from a role model of mine name Adam Carroll. The reason I am blogging about it is because it really touch me and the situation I am in with getting internships, jobs, well hell just an interview. It has been a hell of challenge for me, but Adam Carroll’s speech was about dominating your challenges and say well I am going to get through this stuff because I eat Challenges for Breakfast.

This blog isn’t much about informing people of what to do or giving you more information. This blog is for me and something I can come back and get motivation to continue on. Maybe this will motivate you to change your perspective or attitude about challenges. I tell you one thing though… my attitude is going to change and I am now going to look at a challenge then devour it.

I eat Challenges for Breakfast is something that helps you evaluate your situation and really see if it is how bad the situation by looking at it a different way. For example, I have applied to every position that I thought was geared towards me from the career center at Truman State University. That was about 15 positions and got turned down. Then I went online to apply for jobs in Omaha, NE (hometown) and other parts of St. Louis, Kansas City, and Chicago. All have been huge failures and I am not going to lie I have been really down on myself. The reason is that Truman is a very good school and I thought going here will definitely get me a job or internship after college. Not exactly.

That is not the only challenge I have. School has been a challenge for me as well. I have a 3.07 GPA. Which isn’t too bad but compared to the competition that I face in getting a job, it is HUGE!! But I am not writing to complain anymore. I am not writing to say that ok that is the challenge I face and guess what… it is ok because I eat challenges for breakfast.

Eating Challenges for Breakfast is  not only about challenges that you know will show, but also challenges that you don’t see coming. For example, the other day I got an email from the financial aid office saying that my financial aid didn’t go through. That I didn’t see coming, but with the attitude that I eat challenges for breakfast I just had to do some more paper work and apply for more scholarships. But I will get everything I need to get my balance to zero and  register for my classes to graduate.

Now I challenge you to think differently about challenges and things that stress you out in life. Don’t think of it as a level 9 (on a 1-10 scale) that you can’t surpass. Start thinking of it anther war, “what do I have to do to get this stress or challenge to a level 2 and then step over it. ” These challenges I have are at a level 9 or 10 for me, but I am trying actively to get it down. This is because I eat challenges for breakfast.