How You Should Make Your Career Choice

This weekend I gave a presentation to high school students on making career choices and when I came up with this presentation I knew I had to blog about it. There are 5 steps that you need to take to make a career choice  in your life. Now these steps start with yourself and then go to external information to fine tune the career for you.

1. The first step you have to do is find out your work values. What do I mean by work values? Well, I mean finding what you value in a work environment that will allow you to grow as a personal and professional. For example, I have to work in a place that has these values: challenging work, a variety of work, achievements (must set goals for employees and achieve those goals), working well with others, helping employees/clients, trust, and last humor. Humor is soooooo underrated. You must find the values that work for you because if you don’t you will never find a work environment for you.

2. Interests. You have to find your interests. Now finding your interests can be easy or tough depending on the person. What do you look at everyday? What do you do everyday because you like/love it? What do you turn to when you read a newspaper, magazine, or go on the internet? For instance, when I open a magazine or newspaper I automatically go to the Finance/Accounting page. If you are not at that point see if you like to read or experience things without reading anything first. Are you interested in hands on activities? Math or Writing?

3. Personality. What is your personality? Is it caring/friendly? Is it punctual? Are you like me, enthusiastic and motivational? Are you respectful, optimistic, open-minded, opinionated? Courageous or determined? Your personality will fit your work values when you get right down to it.

4. Next, is you research about the occupations that will fit your personality and work values. Research first by looking on the internet because it is the fastest way of eliminating occupations than anything else. Also, doing informational interviews with professors, life coaches, professionals in the career, and others.

5. Last is making an action plan and doing the action plan on achieving that goal/career. An action plan is a list of steps and a timeframe for you to get to this goal/career. THIS IS A MUST!! When you do the top 4 and not step 5 you will forget and go on with the career that is frustrating. Write down this goal and the action plan. Read it everyday and tell someone your goal. When you write down your goals you are 80% more likely to get that goal. When you do that and then tell someone your goal you quadruple that!! So write down your career goal and go out and achieve it!


Public Speaking Tomorrow

I am excited for tomorrow everyone. Tomorrow I will be speaking in front of 60 high school students. I love public speaking because it helps you build yourself professionally more than anything. First, public speaking makes you break out of your shell because ALL the spotlight is on you and you alone.  Second, what you are presenting on you have to know a quite a bit about. Which develops your researching skills and makes you go above & beyond. No one wants to be up there and not know what they are talking about. That is embarrassing!! It works on your communication skills of course. But what I am talking about is your communication with your audience. Seeing if they are intrigue in what you are saying or changing it up when you are not getting a good response. That communication is vital when you are presenting to a group. Something that is overlooked when people are presenting is good eye contact with your audience. What I mean about good eye contact is not looking down at your paper the entire time, but also not looking down up down up like a bobble head. That is really annoying. Good eye contact is looking at your paper (which you have your speech on) maybe a couple of times during a  period of time. What is that period of time between 30 seconds to a minute. You can memorize your speech, but the problem with that is forgetting your speech and not having something you can look down at as a quick reference. The one reason I won’t recommend memorizing besides the one point I just made is that when i memorize something it has to be word for word so if I forget one word guess what? I am screwed!!! So look at your audience for a couple of sentences to a paragraph and then look down to review what you will be talking about next. Finally, preparation skills. If you are like me you are prone to procrastination and procrastination is the thief of time. You can’t really not prepare for a presentation useless you want it to suck. So preparation by presenting in front of a mirror, your peers, and more will help out tremedously. Presenting and communication skills are the skills that will help you move up quicker in this competitive world. That is the last thing I wanted to stress is how big this affects your personal brand. When you surprise people with a great presentation your personal brand sky-rockets! I am not going to say don’t be nervous going up to speak in front of people because we all do get nervous, it is human nature. I am saying use it as a way to prepare yourself. When I get nervous I get confident because I know I prepared as best I could am about to show others how important my presentation is going to be. So take this advice and work on it so you are ready for a presentation.

Inspiration to Blog

This is going to be a short post for all of you. I am going to post another blog tonight, but for now I hope this satisfies your appetite. After reading this article I knew that it was time to Blog and work on my personal brand. If this doesn’t help you work on your personal branding I really don’t know what would help you. So enjoy and comment on this article. Tell me about how you feel about this.


Do we not think we can achieve more?

Hey Everyone! Yesterday I was at a conference for investools. Quick info, Investools is a company that teaches you how to invest in the stock market by options and other derivatives. You should really look into this company in the future. The point of the story is this… A speaker came up on stage and talked about a major newspaper that posted a huge (what I mean by huge is a half of the page was this posting) job description of two jobs. They were the exact same. What I mean by exact same was that the job description was the same, the job title was the same, what qualifications they were looking for was the same, and more. The ONLY difference between the two jobs was the salary. One job salary was $90,000 and the other was $200,000. Guess which job posting got the most calls… The $90,000 job posting did. Not only more, but 9 times more phone calls. WTF???? He questioned us by saying is no one willing to achieve more in your life. That was the one thing that touched me the whole entire day. It has touched me so greatly that when I was growing up my mom, my dad, grandparents, other adults, role models, etc. All told me the same thing. Go to college and get a job. Work hard for some odd years and you will retire happy. I say F*** that!! I am going to do more. I am going to not only have a great job, but I am going to have one that makes me happy to be there everyday. I am going to start my own consulting firm. I going to be a huge contributor to the community and my fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. Giving my time, money, help and anything else they need. I am going to be a wealthly person. Weathly in love, friendship, companionship, being a good father, and you can’t forget money as well. I am going to have spiritual wealth as well. I can’t forget about my G-Man. I am going to achieve more in life. My question to all of you is… Are you?

Always be willing to Network

I meant to blog about this on Wednesday, but I have been pretty busy. So, please forgive me. First of all, if you don’t know I have an internship with Qwest Communications in Omaha, Nebraska for the summer. It is going well and I do like it. The only problem is that the youngest co-worker I work with is 49. I know crazy, right. To say it nicely, I work with experienced people. To the story now… We were celebrating a co-workers 40 anniversary with the company. I didn’t want to go because I didn’t know the guy and everyone was there talking about things that are not interesting at all. I was actually sitting in a corner just chillin. When I figured that I should at least look interested. I was talking to a couple of people when I met this guy named Chuck. We were talking and came to find out that he was more interested in me than anything at the time. I told him what I wanted to do with my life and where I was at in my life. He look at me then gave me his email address and told me to email him. Once I did, he told me that he once worked for the OCC and there are jobs opening up and he was going to recommmend me to become a bank examiner. How sweet is that!!!!!!! Along with that, it happened to be the son of the co-worker we were celebrating the anniversary. So, long sorry short. Make an opportunity to always network. Even when you think you can’t benefit from the experience, try because you have no idea who is there and what they have to offer you.


On Monday I started the workout called Insanity. This workout is just to say the least is kicking my ass. If you want a crazy workout you should really get this workout called Insanity. What this workout does is go really hard and fast for a couple of minutes and then take only a 30 second break and go back at it again for about 40-45 minutes. This blog is not only about that workout but how it pertains to life and the new generation. The new generation is very fast as in the information they get because of the Internet and all of the devices we use today. For example: blackberry’s, iphones, ipad, laptops, etc. To really get ahead of the new generation we as Generation Y need to stay ahead by keeping track of all this and use our devices to stay ahead. For example, as a future CPA, auditor, and consultant on my blackberry I get notifications of new accounting policies straight to my phone through the AICPA. If you don’t know your major or what you want to do for you career get updates from a multiple sources. Get updates from blogs and see what other people are doing to get an idea and experience. is a great website to get ideas from other people’s blog. The world is going super fast and if you don’t keep up with it you will be stuck in the passenger seat.