Personal Brand

I was reading an article in the Journal of Accountancy and they were talking about Personal Brand Equity. They describe personal brand as a perception in the minds of others that must be developed, nurtured and managed by younger individuals. The one thing that stood out to me was what they called the personal brand position statement. The four key elements to this is 1) identifying a target market by niche. 2) Choosing Personal attributes and characteristics that define how the individual wants to be perceived. 3) defining the technical skills he or she wishes to highlight. 4) conveying what makes him or her different. I really thought about this article because I am starting to try to build my brand with my blogs.  I am going to really focus on these 4 key elements in the next couple of months to really establish where I am coming from. I am not only going to do my personal branding with my blogs, but also other social networks to really get out there. As I grow with every blog I hope more and more people understand my brand and have a great perception of me.


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